For the LIVE shows of 2017 and 2018, I created the LIVE! version of the MST3k logo and some graphics elements used in promotion, which set the color themes for much of the tour merchandise. I hired and art directed artists who created art and designs for other aspects of the production and promo. Both tours featured different shows and content, but the stage and set layouts remained essentially the same.
Below: Conceptualized a set for the live show. The center piece of the stage was a 21' wide rear projected screen that was both used as a backdrop for the actors during host segments, and a veil through which the actors silhouettes could be seen as they positioned themselves backstage and riffed on the movies that were projected over them. The large panels on either side of the screen were composed of a pipe and drape build with printed fabric flats hung over them. I created designs for the textile surface graphics as well. The front desk was a wood and acrylic panel build with relief elements on the face of the panels, and a hollow for transporting props, and positioning monitors for the puppeteers.
Miniature tests were performed at the home office to help estimate rough distances between screen, actors, and projector during movie segments. A row of theater seats were burned into the bottom of the movie, and the actors were situated in line with them.
A method for puppeteers to move quickly backstage in time for movie segments was created. It featured wing entry points and ergonomic stools customized at a very low elevation. We had puppeteers rolling all over the place back there.

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