At Alternaversal Productions, the studio of Joel Hodgson (the show's creator), my role as creative producer focused on establishing aesthetic, maintaining visual continuity, and managing projects involving his intellectual property; the live show, comic book, merchandise, and more. 
Here's some of my work on the first two new seasons of the show on Netflix.
The Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Return, Season Cold Open and title sequence was one of the most intense parts of pre-production. In focusing on that, first, we set the visual and tonal groundwork for the rest of the show. 
Getting Joel's vision right involved establishing background story and tone with a rather complex narrative while showcasing all the characters and locations integral to the season. It sampled a little of every part of the show, including the models built and shot by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.
Here's the first cold open and credits.
Working on story development is one of my favorite parts. The following is a collaboration with the talented Joshua Pruett in development of boards/animatic sequence, and incorporates artwork by Josh, me, and key concept artist, Guy Davis.
As a part of pre-production, I contributed to writing sessions focused only on props and gags. In addition to writing, I created concept sketches, specs, and managed the creators of the props, taking responsibility for their delivery on-set.​​​​​​​
Here are some clips and sketches representing a handful of those props from Season 12, The Gauntlet.
Spez, clearly the combination of spam and pez, is one of my favorite contributions. Its so fun to see the concepts take on a life of their own throughout later writing phases.
Developing the look, feel and characters of Moon 13:
Developing the Satellite of Love set layout, and provisions for puppeteers.

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