Illustration for the Bucks County Illustrators Society Promo Book - Graphite scanned and finished digitally.  Done to accompany an original story excerpt (read it below the illustration).
Excerpt from "The Vanguard Collection," by Seth Robinson
And Braheem began to reason in his heart as to the meaning of the King's words, and a realization sprung up within Braheem so that the fear that beset him was lain to rest, and a great sigh of relief did take its place. For an understanding did form in the kidneys of Braheem that the king's very wit had left him.  Yes, he had mistakenly discerned in his madness that Braheem's wife was indeed the very horse upon which Braheem arrived before the King, in the place of congregation before the King.
And Braheem perceived that the king did not scheme to bring him to ruin as to lay hold of his wife, but he wished rather to gain the devotion of the horse named Clop-Devon, the very horse upon which Braheem arrived before the King.  So Braheem celebrated in the realization that he would present as an offering before the king the steed named Clop-Devon, and certainly preserve himself alive, yes, even maintaining the bond of marital union with his own wife which was good in his eyes, and good in his wife's eyes, and good in the eyes of the Palace Cat Enclave.
original drawing in graphite

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