I am a creative professional living and working in Los Angeles, CA.  The high level of what I do is art direction, getting hands-on when needed.  At my last job with Alternaversal LLC, the core creative team of Joel Hodgson - creator of the TV show, Mystery Science Theater 3000 - I performed in many roles; art director, concept artist, designer, writer, and more on projects like the Netflix show, nationwide live tours, comic book, pitches, branding, merchandising and promotion...Quite the experience. In 2019 I resigned, moved to Los Angeles, sleeping and planning for a few months. Now I want to do gigs and collaborate with nice professionals who are doing cool things.  Get me on the horn if you know any.
My background is in design and illustration and I've been freelancing providing virtual agency services since 2005. I've worked as a design coordinator at a College for 7 years, was a glass artist's assistant for a while, a hack sommelier at a winery, and even a shirtless landscaper boy.  I've always been creative, but my career started when I was hired as a graphic designer at a fine papers facility in Scranton, PA, which was almost as funny as the one in The Office, but it was called Herff Jones instead of Dunder Mifflin.
My portfolio needs updating, but till then here's some newer and selected work.   I'm on Instagram as @sethdraaws (with 2 A’s)... also on twitter where I write disorienting phrases once in a while. 
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